Nom Nom [verb] 1. to eat with extreme delight
Boy with Apple

About Us

In many ways, what we put into kids is what we end up getting out of them. Food is certainly one of the most fitting examples of this parable.

As a Mom of two active boys in primary school I have first hand knowledge of the impact food can have on a child’s ability to focus, maintain energy and overall health. For years, I have been unsatisfied with the food available at schools. Tacos, pizza, and fried chicken are often fatty and processed. We can do better.

So with the support and input of many families in the Annapolis area, I founded Nom Nom. Our business is simple – provide healthy options for children and adult lunches that they enjoy eating at an affordable price. Our food is hand made with love from locally sourced organic ingredients with no preservatives.

Please order and enjoy. If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to share your story, PLEASE contact us. We love our customers.